A Butch for Butch Romance






Hot for the Holidays


Rosh Hashanah

Lesbian Romance

Butch for Butch, Intro by Hookup,

Chronic illness rep

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Where do dreams go to wait?

Tali Blue is definitely going back to finish her last semester of rabbinical school...eventually. When she moved back to her hometown seven years ago to help her grandparents raise her younger sisters, she planned on it being temporary. Now though, she has a stable job and a stable life surrounded by the people she’s known forever. It’s all just fine - and then there’s the incredibly annoying surprise of Maple.

Maple just wanted to make weird art and practice her Ladino. And just like that, 15 years of adulthood has built a solid career, a great reputation as an art instructor, and a lackluster love life. It doesn’t help that she’s been spending all her free time consumed with making it as a Sephardic Jew into the Jewish art world that never seems to have space for her. 

When Tali’s love of family, Maple’s art ambitions, and a Rosh Hashanah effort to #savethebees force these two together, both of them may learn that the only way out is up, together. This new year the honey is dripping on a lot more than apples. Higher is a steamy, butch-for-butch, grump-sunshine lesbian romance about what happens when you choose to take your dreams higher.

This is the sweet and sexy second volume in the “Hot for the Holidays” series, a collection of queer Jewish love stories that can be read in any order and all year round.

CONTENT NOTES: absent parent (father), adoption, angst (lots!), butt stuff, deceased parent (mom), explicit sex, external and internalized homophobia/butchphobia (if you want to skip the explicit external homophobia, skip chapter 16), honey on skin, migraine (on-page and historical), penetration, pet names, phone sex, sibling dynamics, and, as always, an HEA (Happily Ever After)