A High Heat, Butch for Butch, Rosh Hashanah Rom-Com








Hot for the Holidays


Rosh Hashanah

Lesbian Romance

Butch for Butch, Intro by Hookup

Alexander Siblings

September 1, 2021


Rabbinic student Tali has it all planned out. She's just months away from graduating - if she ever goes back - and things will click with one of the women her grandmother has been setting her up with, right? But when her kid sister sets her up with a local artist to help redesign the temple's Rosh Hashanah experience, a very sexy rivalry is formed.


Maple has happily spent the last ten years focusing on her career and, despite what her mother thinks, she's happy navigating the world single. Then Tali crashes into her studio and her life, and suddenly she's back on a path she thought she left far behind her.


This new year the honey is dripping on a lot more than apples. Higher is a steamy, butch for butch, rivals to lovers lesbian romantic comedy.

Higher is the sweet and sexy second volume in the "Hot for the Holidays" series, a collection of queer Jewish love stories that can be read in any order and all year round.

Cover art by Arwen Meereboer

CONTENT NOTES/WHAT TO EXPECT: deceased parent (mom), internalized butchphobia (a type of homophobia), angst, explicit sex, sexting, honey on skin, caretaking, and, as always, an HEA