Fresh Look for Spring

three paperbacks are messily stacked on a wood table: Matzo Match, A Masc for Purim, and Higher. All are by Roz Alexander and are new covers.
New covers!

A LOT has happened in my life this spring, and it's been a whole year since I hit "publish" on my first book (Matzo Match). I've learned more than I can possibly quantify over those twelve months and I felt ready to give the Hot for the Holidays series the look they've always deserved.

My endless gratitude to @charlottelovestoread for her wisdom and feedback and dealing with my 3 million messages about cover possibilities!

I hope you all like them. This is the look that all future books in the series will have. Ebook covers should be updated on all stores, only Matzo Match's paperback is updated right now. Just waiting on proofs for the others!

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