On Writing the Second Book

"Roz" is a pen name, but Roz is also still very much me. In the past I've done a fair amount of ghostwriting, learning others' voices and style to get their stories told. Writing these books of mine is nothing like that. It's 100% my own style, my own ideas, my own pesky antagonism with prepositions.

And it's harder. It's so much easier to write things that feel totally separate from who I am. But writing stories about queers falling in love? Queers falling in love around the Jewish calendar? I mean, that's not just close to home, that is my home.

Writing Matzo Match felt like giving myself permission to do something that brings me joy, and that, hopefully, puts more joy out into the world. (And since I've sold even more copies this month than during its debut month, I feel pretty good that I'm accomplishing a little of that goal.)

I also thought I would never read a single review of my work because reviews are to help other readers find the book, not for the author, etc etc. And then I did read the reviews, because I have no self-control, and was overwhelmed with the love for this sexy gay Passover story I wrote mostly to tell myself the story I wanted to hear. (One of the reviews in question.)

Also, I started putting out these very short (10-30 minute reads) little sexy Shabbat stories (#2 is my fave so far) to keep myself writing and improving and putting more gay smut into the world.

All of this is to say that I'm definitely "doing the work," but writing Higher hasn't necessarily been the focus. Because it's hard, because I've realized how much I care about this sexy, goofy, queer Jewish world I'm constructing, because I want someone to read my smut and feel like they've been given permission to live their truth.

So, with that, bye, I gotta go write, here's the cover, you can officially pre-order the ebook. ;) And yes, if all goes to plan, there will be a paperback version too. :fingers-crossed:

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