Out tomorrow!! (Spoilers) Sneak peak...

Matzo Match is out tomorrow and I could not be more excited, or more nervous. I can't wait for Sam and Jordan's sexy Passover novella to be out in the world, for there to be more queer, Jewish love floating around.

If you haven't ordered your copy yet, here's the link.

For those of you interested in a lightly spoilery sneak peek, here you go:

The other woman slid her eyes casually over to read Sam’s expression, and whatever she found there seemed to grant her the permission to put a hidden hand upon Sam’s bare knee. Fire raced straight up her thigh to-

“Exactly! I barely had to put any identifying information about you on there,” Virginia was explaining, nodding too much as she grasped at the hope that Jordan would be her ally in this effort.

“What?” Sam cleared her throat, her brain clouded with the pressure of the sexy butch’s hand on her bare flesh, the gentle stroke of her thumb over the curve of her calf. Something cold made contact with her skin. A thumb ring she hadn’t noticed?

“On the app. I basically just had to write what you were looking for, and then a bunch of people responded and I wrote back to them and Jordan was just the clear winner.” Virginia trailed off as Sam felt her brows meet in the middle.

“You wrote what I was looking for and then you,” Sam forced herself to make eye contact with Jordan, “responded? What was it that I was looking for?”

“If I’m remembering correctly, it said something like ‘femme Jewish goddess seeks smoking hot butch for a breadless date.’”

“And you thought, oh, I’m in need of a Jewish woman who hates gluten?”

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