A Year of Firsts:
A Queer Toaster Oven Romance






Hot for the Holidays



Queer/Sapphic Romance

NB+F, Lists!, Disability Rep

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Two people on a journey of self-discovery + a to-do list of 18 experiences = a surprising love story.


CJ has always known what they want out of life: to be a loud, proud queer, to be a part of a community, and to adopt as many puppies as they’re legally allowed to own. So far, they’re one for three.


In order to answer some of the biggest questions hanging over them, CJ is paired together with quiet classmate Mia to create a list of 18 experiences to have over the next year.


Mia started considering Judaism for her husband, but a year after their painful divorce she realizes she still wants to explore Jewish community for herself. Her only problem is keeping all the information in her head during her dyspraxia flare-ups.


One year to figure out who they each want to be...and who they want to love. CJ and Mia realize some questions come with surprising answers.

A Year of Firsts is a steamy toaster oven romance about learning to trust yourself.